Decolonization is Moving


This poster reminds us that decolonizing actions are not passive – they are experiential and moving!  Even actions that may not be readily apparent to others like inner reflection, consideration, remembering, emotional growth and spiritual connection are internal movements.

We benefit by remembering that colonization pressures us into becoming voyeurs to life.  This is part of the desensitizing and domesticating pressure of colonization that cannot accept life being exactly what it is, and must contain, manage, and control life.  The pain of being separated from life causes us to become voyeurs. We become observers to life, but not too closely! We must keep a distance from the pain, trauma, and dissonance we experience when we authentically feel, love, and grow compassion for ourselves and all life.

Acts of decolonization are called movements for a good reason. They are experiential acts that resist and undo the controlling aspects of colonization. They provoke, unsettle, and interrupt forgetfulness and unfeeling within ourselves.  While these experiences may become uncomfortable, they are necessary movements in feeling ourselves, feeling our connection to life, and remembering who we are and where we come from once again.

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