Those of us involved in Awakening the Horse People are likely very similar to you:

  • We seek a deeper meaning, collective identity, and purpose than the  emptiness that exists as an individual in Western Society.
  • We want to transition away from patriarchal and materialistic ways of life that are unsustainable, unjust, and destructive to life.
  • We want to find a culture and spirituality that belongs to our own people so that we can end the harm caused by taking, appropriating or stealing culture and spirituality from Indigenous peoples.
  • We want to know who and where we come from.  We want a feeling of identity and belonging.
  • We seek a connection to the force or consciousness greater than ourselves – that is sacred.
  • We desire a feeling of connection and community with others who share similar ancestry and cultural understandings as ourselves.
  • We want relationship of deep connection to nature and the living world that is alive and free.
A path back to our own Indigenous ancestors is possible.

In response to those feelings, we have sought a remedy, not by taking or stealing from other Indigenous Nations – but by decolonizing to find a path back to our own European ancestral connections and identities. This is a process known to traditional Indigenous peoples and it is still alive for those of us who can listen, connect, and heal.

Some of us have also lived or worked closely with Indigenous peoples in their resistance to colonization and genocide, further strengthening our motivation to relearn what it means to be Indigenous to our places in Europe, and to understand the sacred way of life of our ancestors.

The purpose of this project is to model a way of waking up the traditional understandings and identities of our European peoples, and by doing so, help to heal this great hoop of life we call Mother Earth.

This project will never attempt to sell you sacred teachings, ceremony, or appropriated cultural ways from other people.


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