The content of Awakening the Horse People is always going to be freely accessible to everyone. Because it is every person’s natural heritage to know their ancestors, ancestral culture, and places of origin, the site’s resources are freely shared for all people. And we will  never sell sacred teachings, ceremony, or appropriated cultural ways from other people. That’s against everything we believe in.

At the same time, maintaining this site takes quite a bit of time and effort. For instance, a detailed poster might take several days to complete. Audio and video also takes time to write, record, and edit. Skill-shares take time to organize. So we are ever-grateful for your recognition and support to maintain and grow these efforts. With greater support we can offer:

1, More content and more sophisticated content.
2. Time for more one-on-one feedback and communication.
3. New media forms like biweekly podcast and video shorts.
4. Developing experiential education activities and resources, including for kids.
5. We are working on our first children’s book!
6. Community skillshares and traveling educational events.
7. Special pilgrimages to notable historical places or for interviews.

The goal is to reach more people of european heritage with practical skills and educational content that inspires and motivates!  Your support allows us to maintain a dedicated website and video channel, pay for travel to community skillshares, and cover the technical costs of creating larger, more engaging projects. We are humbled and grateful for whatever support you care to offer. Eskerrik asko! Thank you!

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