Research & History

Within Ancestral Recovery movements, Indigenous cosmologies and western science may find common ground when information gained through “traditional” intuitive means is verified by the presence of this information in the physical world as experienced through “science.”

An example of this might be having a dream with specific cultural, historical, or ecological information, and then finding this same information “proven” via western scientific archeology, paleo-science, etc.

In my experience with others, this coming together of intuitive and physical information is often the identifying marker for those who are actually experiencing ancestral message versus those still finding their ways to deeper connection.

Information about the physical world of our ancestors is also helpful in gaining a more complete picture of their way of life, skills they used, and relatives they encountered. If used wisely, all of these things can aid Ancestral Recovery movements. The following links have information proven useful to me:

Timelines & Cultural Periods

Animals, Plants & Ecology

Social Organization

Important Sites

Cultural Information