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Please Subscribe to the Awakening the Horse People Youtube Channel to follow our latest videos.  If you find a video useful, please give it a Like and Share to help others find it. We also have playlists of european wildlife and some of our favorite folk songs.  Check it out!

We are currently working on practical videos that answer many of the common questions I get about ancestral recovery, re-indigenization, and unsettling whiteness.  I’ll also dive into some of the deeper aspects of ancestral recovery not captured well by a poster or paper.



We invite you to listen to the Awakening the Horse People podcast at The ATHP Podcast will bring conversations to inspire people of european heritage to reawaken who we are and where we come from.

Every other week we will come together and look for answers to the questions that support unsettling whiteness and recovering ancestral culture and understandings for our people. allows for your participation, so be sure and download their app so you can add your comments and questions to our live podcasts.