A list of basic protocols (cultural guidelines) that we use in posting content for this site:

  1. Site content will not be commodified or pay-to-access.
  2. Sensitive cultural information, including ceremonial or ritual descriptions, will never be revealed in detail.
  3. Burials and grave goods will never be knowingly shown.
  4. Photographs of cave art and other spirit art will not be shown. Drawings and reproductions will be used whenever possible. Any exceptions will be explained.
  5. Sacred site location or contents (ex. petroglyphs) will not be revealed, except for those publicly known.
  6. “Living Stories” will only be shared in person, and in respectful settings.
  7. Cultural information and stories from other Indigenous Peoples will not be shared except with explicit permission and for a relevant purpose.
  8. Attribution of quotes, stories, and other content will be provided if known.

We will be going through the site to ensure all of our content meets these protocols. If we share a report, article, or link that does not follow these protocols, it will be noted. Thanks for your patience and if you see something we’ve missed – please let us know!.