Horse People

Perhaps you are wondering why this project is entitled Awakening the Horse People.

KonikFaceAcross 30,000 years of culture on the continent known as Europe, no animal has held a more sacred place than the horse. According to archeological studies, the horse is the most prevalent animal in our ancient ancestor’s cave art, carvings, and imagery. The horse’s sacred meaning and power has lasted through the  Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic ages into modern times from the Iberian Peninsula to the steppes of eastern Europe.

Our Indigenous cousins in Basque Country still hold the story of Zalzaval or Horse-man from whom humans descended.  In Celtic and Germanic culture, Epona the Horse is associated with the Sun and led the souls of the dead to the after-life.   No other animal has such a long and revered place in the lives of traditional European peoples.