New De-Colonize Page

photo: Staffan Widstrand

A new page has been added to the De-Colonize header that provides more concrete actions for settlers working to engage in decolonization and ancestral recovery.

Check out Six Critical Actions for Healing!


Possible Settler Positioning in Movements of Indigenous Solidarity & Ancestral Recovery


This poster imagines the complex and changing positioning of settlers who may seek balance with Indigenous needs of solidarity and reparative action as well as the growing demands of place-based reconnection and cultural restoration brought about by an authentic ancestral recovery movement. This poster focuses on settlers of european heritage on Turtle Island but could apply to other european settlers across the world.

Some of this poster comes from real-world experiences and observations, and some of it is theoretical.  There are certainly other possible outcomes not illustrated here.

What do you think? What are other possible paths and outcomes you envision?

2016 Updates

Over the coming weeks look for site updates and new content including a new effort to address white supremacy within intentional communities and land projects.

We also have several new posters in development and hope to be adding additional resources.

Thanks for staying engaged with the site over the last half of 2015 when new content was slow.  It was a busy year!

Esker asko,

Ana Oian Amets, Site Creator and Manager