2016 Updates

Over the coming weeks look for site updates and new content including a new effort to address white supremacy within intentional communities and land projects.

We also have several new posters in development and hope to be adding additional resources.

Thanks for staying engaged with the site over the last half of 2015 when new content was slow.  It was a busy year!

Esker asko,

Ana Oian Amets, Site Creator and Manager

Heart of Decolonization Gathering – Moved to 2016

August 3, 2015
We are disappointed to announce we are unable to hold the Heart of Decolonization gathering in 2015. We are rescheduling for the summer of 2016 and will be looking for other ways to network with you until that time.  We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.

Currently, the Independent Lakota Nation is working to build international support for asserting sovereign jurisdiction over traditional Lakota territory.  We are working with the United Nations, other nations, and organizations to build support for this and other related activities.  The 2015 Heart of Decolonization gathering will simply occur too soon in this process given the speed at which things are unfolding and our resources need to go in that direction right now.

So while we are disappointed, some exciting decolonizing developments are happening and we hope you will share this excitement with us!

If you would like to keep in contact over the coming months to build a stronger network of decolonizing and solidarity settlers, visit our Contact Page and let us know!

New Support Page

Since the blog has been going, we have received a ton of great feedback from both individuals and groups. We are grateful and honored to know our resources are being used in individual transformation as well as discussed by university classes, community groups, and organizations.  We have also provided skill-shares to hundreds of people in cities across Turtle Island. As a result, many people have expressed their interest in supporting the work by donating for using posters and to help fund additional skill-shares and We Belong Printdecolonization gatherings.

For those who want to offer donations – please visit our new Support Page. It has a secure PayPal link for grassroots, crowd-funded support.

We’ve also created three new art posters – including the one here – as gifts for those making donations. Please check them out and if you feel moved, support the important work we are doing with both settler and Native groups undertaking movements towards decolonization and independence.  Thank you!