Awakening Art

I am thankful and encouraged by all of the positive feedback about the site.  While all of the resources are (and always will be) offered for free, some people have asked how they can support the intensive work.

Crowd-funded donations are used directly to cover travel costs to skill-shares and gatherings, print posters and other materials, and support on-going work with both settler and Indigenous groups.   Your support also helps cover food and other small expenses between events. We live lightly and every little bit helps us along the way.  Thank you!

Necklaces & Jewelry

This jewelry is inspired by the work of our ancestors and represents my way of trying to move within a more traditional lifestyle.  If you like a piece, please email Ana at  We can work out the arrangements for payment through Paypal and delivery. ESKER ASKO!

Deer & Elk Choker Necklace

Materials: Handcrafted naturally stained deer rib.  Elk antler drops. Jasper, wood, and bone beads. Waxed cotton thread.

Inspired by an ancient European symbol for the four directions.

Asking: $80

Click on the photo for a closeup.




Sacred Colors Bear









Materials: Jasper, obsidian, and howlite stone beads. Waxed cotton thread.

The bear is the guardian of our sacred caves where drawings made in red and yellow ochre, white shell, and black charcoal depict our sacred relationship with our animal relatives.

Asking: $30

Click on the photos for a closeup.

Snake Head Necklace

Materials: Red jasper and black stone beads. Handcrafted found red jasper stone for the head.

In the spirit and pattern of the european adder.

Asking: $30

Click on the photo for a closeup.


Auger Shell and Stone Necklace









Materials: Shell, sodalite, jasper stone, and bone.

Shells are among the most common objects used in our ancient jewelry and clothing.

Asking: $30

Click on the photo for a closeup.


Graphic Posters


“We Belong”

Digital media. Inspired by the origin stories of some european peoples.

Asking: $30




Digital media. Honoring the return to our traditional lifeways and languages.

CaveHorsePrintAsking $30



“Cave Horse”

Digital media.  Ancient practices of our ancestors in a modern view.

Asking $30



Thanks for all of your support and interest in my art. Esker!


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