Awakening the Horse People serves people of European heritage (POEH) and others interested in decolonization by providing practical resources that can aid in decolonization, reconnection with ancestral lifeways, and re-development of an identity rooted in the culture of place.

You are invited on a most amazing adventure to find who you are and the people you come from.  This project will share the tools that have worked for others, and connect you with people who are also turning towards what’s alive through decolonization. We benefit by communicating with each other so we can learn from one another and minimize the harm in mistakes we will surely make.  We also need to ensure we are not stepping on our own relatives like the Euskadi (Basque), Sorbs and Sami who are fighting to preserve their own existing Indigenous cultures on the European continent.

Please keep in mind…

  • These are free resources for all people. The traditional knowledge and ideas shared do not belong to any one person, and thus cannot be owned, bought, or sold either whole or in part.
  • No money shall be required for attending a training or skill share when this information is presented to others.
  • Please reference the project name (Awakening the Horse People) and website when sharing individual sections, understandings, quotes, interviews, etc. so that people may seek out additional information from the source.

If you have any questions, please email decolonizebizi [at] riseup [dot] net or use the form below. Thanks!


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