Ancestral Recovery Yields Pre-Neolithic Calendar


Download the calendar poster (21 in x 28 in) in PDF format.

This image represents an annual cycle of deeply held, seasonal activities and movements (lifeway) for at least one band of moon-worshiping,  Aquitainian (proto-Basque) speaking hunter gatherers of the Atlantic margin of France (see map) prior to their displacement by neolithic cultures.  This information has been gathered over the last fifteen years through a process of ancestral recovery.

Information presented in this calendar has grown from a variety of sources including scientific research, archeological findings, intuitive experiences, language recovery, and cultural practice.  Learning is on-going every day!

The calendar is offered especially for those persons whose ancestral recovery work takes them farther back in time than connection to neolithic or “Celtic” ancestors and cultural lifeways.  It is my deepest hope that this seasonal cycle will serve as a source of deep connection and inspiration for others to recover, grow, and follow their own people’s cultural ways of being.  This is ancestral recovery in its truest form.

While this is the annual cycle my family and I follow as much as possible, if you don’t feel comfortable using it for any reason- then please don’t.  It’s a lifetime work-in-progress.

I am deeply grateful for my ancestors and relatives who make ancestral recovery a very real and present  experience. I also offer gratitude for my adopted Indigenous family of Turtle Island whose sharing of their own traditional thought and philosophy inspires me to learn and recover my own sacred cultural ways of being. It’s real, and it’s powerful!

While the calendar cycle represents the lifeway of a certain group of Aquitainian people, all Basque or proto-Basque language has been translated in the best way possible to english for wider sharing. Also, while ceremonial times are generally named and listed,  it would be unethical to provide details publicly or in writing.

Please respect the integrity of the calendar, artwork, and the sacred way of life it represents.


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