Possible Settler Positioning in Movements of Indigenous Solidarity & Ancestral Recovery


This poster imagines the complex and changing positioning of settlers who may seek balance with Indigenous needs of solidarity and reparative action as well as the growing demands of place-based reconnection and cultural restoration brought about by an authentic ancestral recovery movement. This poster focuses on settlers of european heritage on Turtle Island but could apply to other european settlers across the world.

Some of this poster comes from real-world experiences and observations, and some of it is theoretical.  There are certainly other possible outcomes not illustrated here.

What do you think? What are other possible paths and outcomes you envision?


  1. May I ask a question?
    What do we do about nationalism? I’ve been wracking my head trying to find ancestral movements for Europen descendents that are not rife with Blood&Soil imagery and don’t fall prey to the New Right ideology sweeping most of European “return” politics.
    I haven’t found any yet, and most of them are direct inheritors of groups like GRECE, and thus I’m worried it may be impossible to build such a thing without it being completely right-wing.

    1. I believe the key is to focus on the understandings inherent in many Indigenous cultures that recognize the inter-dependence, connectedness, and sacredness of all living beings. By keeping this understanding central to any ancestral recovery movement – you effectively create no space for neo-nazi, right-nationalist, and racist movements as those attitudes are out-of-balance and not consistent with being inter-connected with each other as sacred beings.

  2. I am thinking of the land given back in Australia to the Aboriginal People. It worked for them. Why not North America?

  3. are there ideas/resources for people that may not have access to their ancestral history because of adoption/death of family elders or people who have mixed heritages from many places who struggle to reconnect with any one place?

    1. Yes! several of the posters here help address those questions. And I will try to give a longer answer as one of our new Reader Questions. Thank you for sharing!

  4. how do we connect with european ancestral home without using the energy required to get there? i personally am disavowing use of planes and large ships for all the damage they cause, and i don’t know how to sail. are there other possibilities?
    thanks for the site!

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