Finding Integrity With Ancestors


This poster was created with the understanding that many people of european heritage might say we believe and honor our ancestors, but often times that belief is really just a concept or superficial wishing.  It might sound cool to say in certain circles, but is it really something that is alive inside of us?

If we truly believe in our ancestors, then our behavior will honor that belief.  Our ancestors have many stories and understandings to teach us, but only if we can slow down enough and open our hearts to listening.  This spacious listening is most often found in nature – most importantly the nature of our ancestral home places.  Get back there!

Superficial tokenizing of our own ancestral cultures and stories, disrespectful “borrowing” (stealing) of other Indigenous cultures, and beliefs of futurism and technological salvation are just a few behaviors we engage in that too often dishonor the key understandings our ancestors still hold for us, and the pathways they can offer to step backwards into the future.  What is new is old, and what is old is new again.  Our ancestors deserve to be honored for their great love and sacrifice they have made so we still have a chance to turn towards life to find wholeness and balance once again. 

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