Healing Relationships 2


Though we may experience intense feelings of loneliness that are very real, We are never actually “alone”.

Though it may feel like we are isolated without relationships in the world, the reality is very different.

We are descended from recent ancestors, as well as our original peoples of place, who are still present in some form and seek continued relationship with us.  We are also living ancestors in relationship with future generations who depend on us to protect the Earth they inherit.

Our ancestral peoples have lived in deep, inter-connected, cultural relationship with animals, plants and other living relatives for millennia. These relationships of mutuality gave us our Indigenous languages, cultures, and lifeways. These relatives seek our healing so we can have a healthy relationship again and continue to create living history of culture together.

And we are always in relationship with the mysterious Spirit of all life that is ever connected and communicating with us!

As we break the false isolation of colonial culture, we begin to heal, and can turn our compassionate intelligence to healing relationships with indigenous people in resistance to colonialism, the land we have settled upon, as well as the land, peoples, and relatives still remaining in our ancestral homes.

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