Turning Towards What’s Alive


One of the most difficult movements of decolonization is breaking through the isolation of euro-centric (colonial) society.  Turning towards what’s alive inside of us creates the space for what is alive outside of us to turn towards us.  In this way, we can begin to heal our relationships with our self, with our relatives, and with life.

Instead of creating isolation of our selves with life, we can:

  • Turn away from isolating beliefs and stories
  • Recognize false projections of pain and ego
  • Face and release your grief
  • Acknowledge and confront your fears
  • Embrace yourself as a sacred, connected being
  • Discover and express your gifts
  • Move with love for yourself and life
  • Discover joy in nature
  • Choose things that reflect your wholeness
  • Reconcile your past, present and future

All of these actions, and others like them, allow the space to open to what’s alive. Internally, this means opening to authentic self-love, loving togetherness with all life, and the development and expression of our unique gifts that allow us to be exactly what we are with life.

As we open within, our ability to hear and connect in profound relationship with the natural world opens as well- animals, plants, other relatives, and sacred places.  This is the foundation of our ancestral people’s relationship to their place and to all life within that place,  This deep connection lives inside us still.

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