Seeing the Indigenous Clearly


Healthy seeing of the Indigenous begins by learning and untangling our own stories of displacement, domestication, colonization, settlement, and forgetting. This historical and ongoing trauma suppresses our imagination and disconnects our hearts from truly seeing and knowing ourselves. Coming to terms with our own loss of culture and identity, as descendents of Indigenous peoples from europe, can begin to heal these wounds and nurture the empathy and insight needed to see Native Peoples clearly – the love, pain, genorosity, distrust, resistance, resiliance, and innate right to live freely on their lands as culturous people. In this honest seeing lie the seeds for healing and growing integrity to become authentic friends, relatives, and allies together.

2 thoughts on “Seeing the Indigenous Clearly

  1. Reblogged this on Songs of the Universal Vagabond and commented:
    An extremely interesting site, with some spot on observations regarding indigenous relations and cultural understanding, from a non-native source. One of the particulars I support in their message, and from my journeys around the world and study of other cultures, which I greatly enjoy: is that instead of misappropriating other people’s culture, know and live your own. This post was outstanding even among many thought-provoking articles and images.

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