Healing Our Relationship with the Plant People


One aspect of decolonization is returning integrity to our relationships with the Plant People.  Especially with medicinal and entheogenic plants, we have grown spiritually lazy with recreational relationships that give little reverence to the living being ingested.  Fooling ourselves, we claim “ceremonial” or “sacred” use of certain plants completely outside of the plant’s original instructions, in ignorance  or co-option of Indigenous practices that are millennia in creation, and with little care for lifelong consequences that may result from our experimentation. We conveniently forget – a plant may give, and a plant may take. 

We now consume many medicinal and food plants foreign to our physiology but made available by industrialized production and globalized trade.  In some cases, allergies and sickness have followed.

The questions in the poster above are starting points to inquiry, reflection, and conversation we benefit by having about our Plant relatives.  These living relationships are real.  Do we have the integrity to decolonize these relationships and make them healthy once again?

3 thoughts on “Healing Our Relationship with the Plant People

    • Assuming this is an honest question, and not just a random troll – you’re invited to read the blog which will probably answer that question for you. You might try as a starter. Welcome!

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