Movements of Decolonization

movementsofdecolonizationLet’s have a conversation about decolonization.

What is decolonization?  What isn’t decolonization?  Is decolonization even possible?  Only by having honest conversations about the movements we make to decolonize, can we ever hope to realize the real power alive in the process.

This new poster (pdf version) looks at the various forms decolonization takes, and seeks to look closer at which ones open up the space for us to live free in togetherness again, and which ones merely perpetuate colonization and settlement.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Movements of Decolonization

  1. Full of academic jargon and code words, and basically unpenetrable for someone like me, who isn’t part of the movement, to understand. Does not appear to contain a single actionable item.

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