Turning Towards

decolonizeposterDecolonization is the process of turning towards what is alive, so what is alive can turn towards you.

Turning towards what is alive is  becoming exactly who you were meant to be within a living, inter-connected world of your ancestors, relatives, and Mother Earth.

An important part of this process is turning inward to heal one’s own trauma and isolation. It may mean making a concious choice to turn away from the things inside that keep us locked into dead patterns and emotions, and hold us back from being the whole self that still exists within.

It also means turning away from the activities, distractions, and consumption of this modern ‘civilized’ life that cause us to live disconnected from each other and the natural world.  Computers can be useful tools for some, but not when they lock us behind digitized screens, egos, personas, offices, and insane schedules.

At the same time, we can turn towards the natural world to connect and listen for the living beings like animals, plants, trees, wind, water, land, sky, and ancestors to speak to us.  These living relatives want to help us connect again, understanding we cannot exist fully alive together until we have begun to heal ourselves. They want to be exactly what they are too.

Imagine a time and place when you are encouraged to honor your gifts, to discover and live your purpose, to grow your intelligences through curiosity and experience, and to have a living role within communities of people who love and value you.

If we honor ourselves as sacred beings within a living world, then these are the cultural attributes we can strive for in decolonization and reclaiming our Indigenous selves.

Yes, it is possible. People are doing it.

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